I tried to meditate, focusing on my breathing,
But my breathing started feeling forced and it became harder to breath.
Than I pictured a lotus flower opening and closing but it started to look like a carnivorous plant, like a cancer.
Then I felt the ground begin to roll beneath me like a ball. Sometimes I would go around with it, otherwise I would just feel it slide on my skin.

The ball took me to a town, showing me a war memorial and then it became my primary school. Teachers were playing tennis in the classrooms. My year one teacher gave me a bear that dissolved into my back.

I was unwillingly stretched to highschool. I was on a conveyor belt that slapped me in the face with briefcases. A cut bled too much like Alice’s tears that filled the whole room. I was drowning in my own blood. The floating was alright.

Then the slide clicked to University, and parties. My smile grew. A moving sun engulfed me and we became a small rotating solar system that burned brightly when closer.

Please give my dear friend a read!

For a long time I have had a friend, he doesn’t do much, but he has a lot to say.

I met him on a farm. He was running alongside the car and I couldn’t resist his beady little eyes.

He has made a blog called Unadventurous Emu using my account as he is lazy and couldn’t be bothered making one of his own.

If you are interested on his daily musings, click the link below. Cheers!