Futile Thoughts


In senseless segments

I’m exasperated

With existential


Consistent with


Quietly I’m coping

Hardly knowing

If I’m going

Inadvertently insane

With inane



Hello there, me again

The voice inside your head you ignore

Just wanted to let you know

That everyone you love is going to die

That you will most likely die a painful death

And it doesn’t even matter

The world is going to shit anyway

Your government is probably lying to you

Everyone is becoming a fat keyboard warrior

Drooling over the fact that Queen B blinked

That you like to think you’re an individual

Yet the ongoing spread of communication

Means we have all become clichés

That the most joy you get in life

Is living through fictional characters

And that people are progressively more repugnant

You are glad if you don’t see another human being for a whole day

You will most likely work in a job you hate

For your very short life

To save up enough money

For some underpaid carer to forget to shower you

So you can sit there in old age

And think what a waste of time and space our society has become

But hey, you will die

Hopefully you live somewhere where euthanasia is legal

That’s all

Friday Pantoum

One day I will know
Or perhaps I won’t care
Spider webs don’t glow
The people just stare

Or perhaps I won’t care
I watch myself talk
The people just stare
Teeth become chalk

I watch myself talk
Spider webs don’t glow
Teeth become chalk
One day I will know