Far Reaching

No, I will never
See the sun setting closer
The horizon begs

My skin would blister
Before I could hope to touch
Hope to understand

I can’t walk the skies
Like a celestial god
Wading through the tide

I can only dream
Of the solar core rumble
Warming all that is

The Long Thaw

The ice waters down my whiskey as I sit on the patio.

I enjoy the musical clinks they make as I swirl the liquid.

The trickle of cold-fire douses my throat.

Though the ice never lasts long.

The condensation on the glass becomes my sweat.

I get up, again, and refill the drink with ice.

I glance down at the sausages in my yellowing kitchen.

They thaw in the sink.

Fatty, pink, glistening meat.

That will be blackened in the pan that is no longer non-stick.

The heat ruins all the beauty and reduces it to a puddle of salt.

I’ll keep drinking my whiskey on the rocks.

Til the thawing is done.






Hand on thigh
Fingers trace back
Careful to avoid ribcage

Let out a sigh
Change the music track
Lights off in our cave

Cleaning the room
Will mean you are frustrated

Mentioning my perfume
Will mean you are elated

A glance
With a sly smile
Sharing a secret joke

A trance
Lasting a while
Is love never spoke