Base Camp (A poem using the structure of the song “Reckless” written by James Reyne, and inspired by.)


Meet me back at the base camp
Where we held back uncertainties
Gagging on the cloves of garlic
The shadow of the summit
Creeping with the breeze

See our footprints getting shallow
So fast we fade away
Rations small and tensions rising
Not what I wanted
Especially not that way

The fog ahead is thick and daunting
I clamber for your hand
I fall and take your glove with me
Thatโ€™s all I have now
I hope you understand

Feel like this canโ€™t be the end of us
Too far from where we came
A Polar Bear in Central Park Zoo
Some things arenโ€™t meant to happen
Itโ€™s tragic all the same

Meet me back at the base camp
Before I got reckless
Weโ€™ll find heat in the freezing weather
I will be watching for
Your call of distress