Untitled, 12/02/2016

Have a laugh with a co-worker in the back room.

Share a glance with a stranger waiting in line for food.

Stay up all night with your friends.

Reminisce your childhood with your parents.

Whisper something you have never said to your lover.

Give a cheeky wink to an overactive toddler.

Help an elderly person with their shopping.

Give a nod to a driver to say thanks for stopping.

You can never know what everyone is thinking

Does not mean there is any less meaning.

As much as hiding away from the world sounds ideal

The shared moments in my life have felt more real.



go blank to your responsibilities
look into the eyes of the one you speak for
do it every night
acquaint yourself with your impression
you abuse what you are unsure of
when you should be pointing at privileges
let your sweat speak
your blood leak
when words do not carry a connection
we hide nakedness
we hide raw