Green green green

Saying you makes me serene

You idly sit by my footsteps

Watching me eventually forget

Everything I’ve seen

I want my love to bloom as you

And grow everlasting

I want our souls to be entwined

And stay ever

Green green green

Merging around the machine

I have my doubts of our world

In your flesh lies our hope

If we had never been

You would cover everything

Black, silver, white, and grey

Colours dulling us away

Looking at a field of green

Is better than looking at a screen

Green Green Green


My Eyes Are Open

There is something wrong

With me

With this world

Thoughts overcrowd my head like a Bangladesh train ride

Don’t know what to believe

Who to trust

How can I trust myself when everything I know could be false information

Fed to me in a drip

There is too much of everything

Too many people

Too many lies

Brainwashed into the roles designed for us to live happy and fulfilling lives

It’s laughable to think we are close to freedom when whistle blowers are being sent to prison

In prison, snitches are taken care of

I guess our society is a bigger prison and we survive through our ignorance

It’s hard to have control of your life when you never owned it to begin with

There is something wrong

I’m awake at night

Haunted by dreams of eyes that never shut

That watch as I leap from a building that melts to the ground

It’s me

It’s the world

A Poem From The Tiles

(Using some words from a finished scrabble board)

Muting out the rest of the world
Ween from screen to screen
Playing out the given roles
Is the way we do our things

We are plagued by hoaxes
Of empty promising saints
That amaze us with hexes
And bib us with constraints

We never refrain from the same
Settling like ash in an urn
What’s the point when you’re just a digit
In a stew of numbers that turn

Veto our utopia if you must
Mark us as meat to slaughter
We are not just your toys
But the dust in your mortar

Mirror Conversations

Look at me.

At my ticked eyeliner.

My smokey eye-shadow.

Contoured cheek bones.

Lacquered lips.

Curled lashes.

Sharp eyebrows.

I did all this for you.

I did it so you’d think I’m pretty.

Not that you think being pretty is an important trait in relation to your personality.

Being pretty won’t fulfill your sense of achievement as you grow.

You don’t even care what anyone else really looks like.

Unfortunately, you have this built in need to receive approval from everyone else.

Particularly men.

You’re not pretty on the inside if you rely so heavily on materialism.

You’re right…

I know…

I’m still going to wear makeup.

I know.

The Outside Inside

“See you soon!”

Social tentacles

F**k it

You want everyone to know

Where you go

Even though

You bite your tongue

At the thoughts that could shatter an illusion

It’s all bullshit

Just for the likes, bitch

I’m a nihilist

You want to fight me?

You can’t resist

There’s a blockade

Of the normal

Forcing you into a persona

A common coma

You want to punch me

Instead of smiling

Just do it

The force will be refreshing

What am I kidding

We’re all friends right?

We’re all so tight?

Gripping tight to the seats

Of the screening of our lives

Guess what?

There’s no plot

There’s only filler

And most of it is bad filler