My Eyes Are Open

There is something wrong

With me

With this world

Thoughts overcrowd my head like a Bangladesh train ride

Don’t know what to believe

Who to trust

How can I trust myself when everything I know could be false information

Fed to me in a drip

There is too much of everything

Too many people

Too many lies

Brainwashed into the roles designed for us to live happy and fulfilling lives

It’s laughable to think we are close to freedom when whistle blowers are being sent to prison

In prison, snitches are taken care of

I guess our society is a bigger prison and we survive through our ignorance

It’s hard to have control of your life when you never owned it to begin with

There is something wrong

I’m awake at night

Haunted by dreams of eyes that never shut

That watch as I leap from a building that melts to the ground

It’s me

It’s the world

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Writing is all I want to do.

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