The Trip To Downside Up

Over the log and into the rabbit hole
You were suspended in a kaleidoscope
Of delirium and sensual colour
Your fingers wobbled like fractal worms
Neon waves of sound undulated through your ear canals
You were falling but getting closer to the night sky
The stars were tiny fish rippling at the surface
You plunged into the water and the moon dissipated into sand
That glittered like a million flecks of gold
You floated at the bottom for a while
Large rocks whizzed by not noticing your presence
You thought you were a piece of kelp blissfully swaying
Until you felt a painful thrust through your chest
Like the barb of a fishing hook
It dredged you back too quickly
The world mixed together unnaturally
Your eyes were being stretched to the point
Where everything became a long piece of string
Being wound over and over
It got so tight that it snapped
You were back

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Writing is all I want to do.

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