The Melancholy Song

(I wrote this a while back going through a rough patch, but that’s all over now)

The Melancholy Song

You want to escape
Yet you are afraid of the passing faces
The faster paces they make to desert you
They are quick to mock all they see
You want to isolate yourself in a room
Yet you fear what you will become without
Touch, without
Assurance, without
You want to escape
Yet everything seems to make you sad
It is not an unstable feeling
It is a deep, pensive familiarity
It is Melancholy, and it is a long-lasting fixture
It soaks your bones
It lulls your conscious
It creaks and groans
You’d wish it gone if you had
The will to wish it gone
Anonymity would suit you well
Yet these days you would need a permit in hell

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Writing is all I want to do.

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