Soliloquies From The Heartland #1

because who doesn’t like goats 🙂

E.L. Hopkins


I was over at the bodega when I ran into Hank and Wallace. They’re crazy shiny-haired suit types during the day but they’re also a couple of real chill dongers so we all ended up over at Marie’s place. Marie is this older but still pretty smoking lady that’s married to the guy that makes the goat-cheese pizzas for the little league games, and this was in June—real serious little league time, we’re talking major consumption of goat-cheese—so Jerry, the pizza guy, is seriously busy making pizzas and meanwhile his poor wife Marie is stuck at home taking care of the guy’s goats.

That’s right, this guy Jerry keeps goats in his apartment—for the cheese, I guess—and he expects the wife to sit home on the hot summer days seeing after all these goddamn goats, trying to stop them from eating up the furniture and everything. I don’t even know…

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