Five Very Short Stories

Funky flash fiction. Yay for alliteration.

Stealing All the Sevens

Richmond Bridge

37, day twenty nine

I only sort of did a post yesterday. I did my lunch break thing, but not a regular post. It still counts!

Since it only sort of counts, I wrote five short stories for today. When did I turn into the kind of writer who can sit down and write five stories? I don’t know. I didn’t notice it happen, but now that it has I am going to make sure to keep doing it.


The Dragon Shop

As usual for Tuesday morning, Gerald Pickering went to the market. When he got there, he found that the market was not only closed, it was missing entirely. Instead of a shop there was a great purple and green dragon. It appeared to be asleep. Hanging from its snout was a sign.

Green Street Shop Transfigured Due to New Management

“Well this is just brilliant,”…

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